Celebrating 10 Years of God’s Faithfulness

A 501(c)(3) Organization

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Our Story

Desire 4 Hope’s Mission:

Rooted in Christ’s teachings, compassion and love, Desire 4 Hope is dedicated to extending a helping hand to those battling addiction (and their loved ones), and spiritual and material poverty. We do this by providing friendship, support, guidance and resources to help individuals grow in Christ, so they can overcome challenges, find healing, and build a future filled with hope and purpose. Through Christ-like principles and practical assistance, we strive to uplift lives, restore dignity and create a lasting transformation in the lives of those we serve.

Desire 4 Hope Start

The ministry started through prayer in 2014, when Tim Stanley asked that God show him where and to whom to minister. God placed those who feel lost, empty and hopeless in nearby Paterson, NJ on Tim’s heart.

Desire 4 Hope Beginnings:

Tim initially took a few guys from Hawthorne Gospel’s Bible Study to go into Paterson with him. God led the volunteer servants to a homeless camp under a bridge where many people were living and getting high. These people had been rejected by their families and society, and truly felt lost, empty and hopeless. Desire 4 Hope met them where they were. We brought fresh cooked meals, offered friendship and most importantly the Good News of Jesus Christ. We returned every Sunday morning with fresh-made breakfast sandwiches, clothing, Bibles, and prayer.

Desire 4 Hope Growth:

Initially, we ministered to only a few people, but week after week the numbers increased. When Tim realized he could no longer cook for this many people at home, he began to cook right on the streets with our mobile kitchen. Many real relationships were built, and the team began bringing those who wanted to break the chains of their addiction to detox and faith-based long-term recovery centers.

Desire 4 Hope Ministry Today:

Today, 10 years after Tim and a few others started ministering, Desire 4 Hope is still in Paterson, and we still serve the community by developing relationships with those we serve. We continue to help those who would like to break the chains of addiction and we continue to bring the hope that only Jesus brings. We minister to those who feel lost, empty, and hopeless by meeting people where they are in the streets of Paterson, bringing fresh cooked meals, offering friendship, and most importantly the Good News of Jesus Christ.

In February 2024 we moved into our new storefront location at 240 Rosa Parks Blvd, and we are in the process of expanding our programs. Having a storefront allows us to serve more consistently because we are not always weather-dependent. in addition to serving the community, we now hold a weekly Christian Freedom from Addictions support group, counseling services, Friday night prayer and worship service and are planning one or more Bible studies.

We are so excited for what God has planned for us!