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Street Ministry: The Addicted

Individuals can be addicted to a variety of substances for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they experienced trauma, they didn’t think addiction would ever happen to them, they were prescribed opioids from a doctor, or perhaps, a trusted person or family member may have thought it would be funny to see a child drunk or high. Everyone’s story is different. In Paterson, evidence of addiction is everywhere. Many of the people we meet aren’t even from Paterson. They’re individuals from Hawthorne, Oakland, Wyckoff and many of the neighboring towns. Individuals who have left home or aren’t welcome in their homes because of their addiction.
For individuals wanting assistance, in addition to offering the life changing good news of the Gospel, we offer the following services:
  • Transportation to and from detox
  • Help getting admitted to a longer-term faith-based rehab program. No insurance is needed, and Desire 4 Hope will cover the admission fees.
  • Transportation to the longer-term faith-based rehab program.
  • Encouragement (prayer, phone calls, cookie deliveries, and occasional visits) while they’re in a longer-term faith-based rehab program
  • Transportation after program completion
  • Help re-establishing within society