Street Ministry: Hurting

Many people we meet are simply hurting. They may be unemployed, sick, have a relative who is addicted, or experiencing some other hardship. Sometimes we just listen. Sometimes we pray with them. Sometimes, we can point them to resources that may help. Once, we paid for an Uber to transport someone recently released from the hospital to his home in south Jersey.
Here are some common resources that we use for those who are addicted and/or their family members.


  • Counseling/Intervention – We have a counselor on staff who can meet with families of those in addiction and offer short-term counseling as well as a family intervention to assist in directing the loved one who is struggling and support the family members struggling.
  • Christian Alternative to Addiction (Coming Soon) – This is a support group/meeting for families and those in addiction. We use the scriptures to promote healing and freedom. This is done in a group format so that those struggling can find support and families can also find support with one another.
  • Detox – if someone is addicted, the first step is to go through a 4 – 5 day detox program. We can help people get into a detox program.
  • Rehab – once someone has detoxed, they can go into a long-term faith-based rehab program. The individuals do not need insurance or money. We can help them get into a program.